The second generation high temperature superconducting tape winding machine (SSTC-TW) is a general-purpose winding equipment designed and manufactured by Shanghai Superconductor, which is suitable for scientific research institutes, university laboratories and enterprises engaged in superconducting research. The equipment can accurately control the parameters such as tension and speed in the process of strip winding, and can realize constant speed unwinding and constant tension rewinding to ensure the quality of the coil.

  1) applicable working conditions

  Strip width: 4-20mm

  Strip disk shape: I-shaped, single-layer type

  Plate weight: maximum 100kg

  2) Control

  System control: PLC+ touch screen

  Counting method: number of turns, length

  3) tension console

  Lifting distance: 200-600mm

  Lifting mode: fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual

  Flip angle:-45 °~ & nbsp; 90 °

  Flip mode: fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual

  4) receiving / discharging platform

  Strip tension: up to 200N

  Tension control accuracy: ±5%

  Tension control mode: servo motor, magnetic particle clutch

  Discharge tray speed: 0-30rpm

  Discharge tray rotation: unidirectional (clockwise / counterclockwise)

  Discharge plate diameter: φ 200-800mm

  Disk core shape: round, runway shape, saddle shape, etc.